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Deep Sea & Offshore Fishing Charters
Capt. Larry Harvey - Fort Pierce Marina, Florida

Florida - Charters Available from December thru March
Georgetown, SC - Charters Available April thru October
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OUR FISHLOSOPHY what we believe makes fishing on The Office different than other Fort Pierce charters.

Proven Experience

It's been forty years on the water since Captain Larry began fishing back in 1976. After years of gaining experience as a mate, he began running his own 42' Bertram in 1992. Many trips offshore to the Gulf Stream made every year gave him the knowledge and sea-sense to begin chartering as a Captain on his own in 1994. He soon upgraded his qualifications to a 100 Ton Masters license, and his boat to a Hatteras, a 46'er, in 1999. Since then, he has boated hundreds if not thousands of fish, for a wide variety of happy clientèle.


Vince Lombardi said "Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing.". Winning is having fun while fishing. This is the attitude Captain Larry believes makes a difference, day in and day out. Winning is catching fish, having fun, creating memories, and sharing days on the water with new fishing friends. This can happen while filling up a cooler full of good meatfish, or while trolling the Gulf Stream waiting for a billfish to hit the lines and leap high into the air in an explosion of saltwater spray.


Life should be lived fully and exceptionally. Doing that "The Office Way" means to exceed any "normal" standards and expectations. Every time Captain Larry leaves the dock, it is with the ideal that this trip will be even better than the one before! Normal fishing is the guy with a spinning rod on the jetties watching The Office as she heads out towards the deep blue. Captain Larry thinks that when you book a trip onboard The Office, you don't deserve anything near 'normal'. That's for the other guys.

Ready to Charter? Read This!

The Office is a 52' Hatteras Sportfisherman, fully equipped for your enjoyment offshore. Twin diesels with a 24 knot cruise. Air conditioned!
Complete sets of the best reels available: Penn International 30's, 50's, and 80's.
Charters include USCG Licensed Captain, mate, bait, tackle, ice, and anglers license.
Trips limited to a maximum of six (6) anglers/passengers.
$250 Deposit required with Reservation.
Bring your own food and beverages and one cooler (no glass containers!). Refrigerator, freezer, and microwave on board for your convenience. No Bananas!
Boat shoes, please.


Blue Water - the deep, deep waters out beyond the coastal boundary where the sea is unaffected by land. This is where the pelagic species dwell, and is the penultimate fishing grounds for any fisherman worth their salt.
Only in the blue water are you going to be able to find the biggest, fastest, most fun-to-catch species of fish - Dolphin, Wahoo, Tuna, Mackeral, and billfish like Sailfish, Marlin (Blue, White, and Black), and even Swordfish on occasion.
Pelagic - the waters of the open oceans over the abyssal deep, unaffected by land. 70% of the Earth's surface, and a place where man adventures, but cannot live for extended periods of time.
Meatfish - Those gamefish which are sought after as much for the sport of catching them, as for the the wonderful taste they'll have on your plate back home. Typically, meatfish will be Dolphin (Mahi-mahi), Wahoo, or one of several different types of Tuna.
Billfish - the true prize catch of any saltwater angler are the billfish, usually Sailfish or Marlin. While billfish can be eaten, they are usually not, instead being released to be chased down again on a different day.
Sport Fishing - Fishing for fun, and perhaps to eat some of the catch, as opposed to fishing purely for survival or economic reasons.



Just For Food and Fun, A Hardcore Challenge, or - Something Else?



The Premier Experience. Let Captain Larry take you out to the deep deeps and bluest water you have ever seen, where the giant fish roam. Trolling, for the Kings of the Oceans - the Marlins and other billfish.
Not for the faint of heart. Bring your stamina - a large fish like this can fight for hours!
Ultimate fishing for ultimate fish, and ultimate memories!

near shore

Fun and Food

When you want to take home a little bit more than memories, this is the trip for you.
Imagine sitting around a table in the evening with good wine and companions, dining on fish you caught that day.
There's plenty of excitement when a wahoo or other meatfish rips a few hundred yards of line off the spool, but you don't have to fight them for hours just to get them back to the boat.
Perfect for families, and those who don't relish the idea of a possible hours-long fight with a billfish.

custom charters


Do you have an idea for a fishing trip you have never heard anyone offer?
Want to combine a few days in a row, get out near the Bahamas bank, or set up a multi-boat trip for a larger group of 8 or more people?
Give Captain Larry a call and let him know what you are thinking, he'll be glad to put his knowledge to work helping you create that dream trip.



Feel free to contact Captain Larry with your questions or for more information.
You can send him an email at
Or, if he isn't so far away at sea as to lose cell signal, you can phone between 8AM-7PM.
You can also send him a text message at anytime, and he'll respond once he's seen it.
The number for phone/text is 843.520.6406 (Click it to call)